little surprises around every corner...


Asahi Dry Bottle Beer

$2.75 Asahi Super Dry

Dry Japanese lager in a bottle.

$2.25 Cambodia

$2.75 ABC dark stout

$3.5 Cerevisia Craft beer (bottle)

Fizzy Drinks

Sodas in Bottles: Sprite, Fanta, Coke, Soda Water

$1.5 Sodas

Coke, Coke Light, Fanta Orange, Sprite and Club Soda.

$2.25 Fresh Lime Cooler

Fresh squeezed lime, soda water and sugar on the side.

$2.0 Hibiscus Iced tea

$2.50 Passion & Soda

Craft Cocktails

$3.75 Tejas Margarita

On the Rocks or Frozen – each drink flown over directly from Texas ; )

Juices & Smoothies

Passion Fruit Mint Shake

$2.5 Passion Mint Shake

Passion Fruit, Mint, cold– To.Die.For.

$2.5 Spicy Watermelon Smoothie

Don't be afraid. Be excited.

$2.75 Peanut butter & banana shake


$3.5 House Wine (Red or White)

House Red or White by the glass.


$6 Hakutsuru

300 ml (good for two)

$3.5 Dry Sake – Karakuchi

180 ml. Karakuchi/Dry