little surprises around every corner...


Asahi Dry Bottle Beer

$2.75 Asahi Super Dry

Dry Japanese lager in a bottle.

Fizzy Drinks

Sodas in Bottles: Sprite, Fanta, Coke, Soda Water

$1.5 Sodas

Coke, Coke Light, Fanta Orange, Sprite and Club Soda.

$2.25 Fresh Lime Cooler

Fresh squeezed lime, soda water and sugar on the side.

Craft Cocktails

$3.75 Classic Martini

Gin or Vodka - Dry, dirty or perfect (actually, they are all perfect)

Old fashioned glass

$4.75 Very Old Fashioned

The original cocktail– muddled cherry, bitters and a nice amount of Makers Mark.

$3.75 Tejas Margarita

On the Rocks or Frozen – each drink flown over directly from Texas ; )

$4.25 Mexican Martini

An Austin, Texas original! The freshest margarita ingredients served “up“ with an olive.

Highball Glass

$4.25 Pimm’s Cup

Cucumber, Pimm’s #1, Gin and all the other things that make summer great.

$3.75 Spumoni

Designed for the weather in Phnom Penh– Campari, Grapefruit & Tonic.

$4.25 Bronx Cocktail

A NY spin on the classic martini– Gin, dry & sweet vermouths, orange juice and a twist of lemon.

$4.25 Rocky Mountain High

Vanilla Ice Cream, Kahlua & Rum. Think of it as a milkshake for grownups.

Juices & Smoothies

Passion Fruit Mint Shake

$2.5 Passion Mint Shake

Passion Fruit, Mint, cold– To.Die.For.

$2.5 Spicy Watermelon Smoothie

Don't be afraid. Be excited.


$3.5 House Wine (Red or White)

House Red or White by the glass. Larger selection coming soon.


Schochu is the original craft liquor from Japan. Served on the rocks, these subtle liquors have all but replaced Sake in Tokyo eateries. Traditionally distilled from one of six foundation ingredients, we have 4 different types to sample (it’s not easy to come by over here).

$4 Kuro Kirishima

Imō (Sweet Potato) – A strong, whisky-like aroma, full flavored.

$5 Iichiko

Barley based, the mildest of the bunch.

$5.5 Tantaka-Tan

This one is made with Japanese Shiso (part of the mint family) and ends up similar to a crisp, unsweetened ice tea– a good first introduction if you’re new to Shochu.


$4 Super Cup

180 ml. - Direct from the vending machines of Japan with a pull off top!

$6 Hakutsuru

300 ml (good for two)

$3.5 Kiku-Masamune

180 ml. Karakuchi/Dry