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Main Fare

$4.75 Sesame House Noodle

Chewy, ice cold noodles with veggies, caramelized pork and a boiled egg.

Our House noodle with Pork Belly

$5.25 Sesame Fatty Noodle

A slight spin on our house noodle but with roasted pork belly and a splash of hoisin sauce.

$5.75 Sesame Chili Ramen

ground pork, yellogw egg noodle, soup, Korean chili paste, miso, bokchoy, bean sprouts, boiled egg

6.25 Fatty Pork Bally Ramen

Pork belly, yellow egg noodle, stirred vegetables, soup, miso, Korean chili paste, boiled egg

$5.25 Chicken Wonton Noodle soup

Homemade chicken wontons with light flavored soup cooked with vegetable and fresh rice noodles.


Pork and Chive Gyoza

$2.75/ $4.75 Pork Gyoza (dumpling)

Hand rolled green onion and pork goodness, pan-fried (not deep fried) to perfection.

Sesame Veggie Gyoza

$2.75 / $4.75 Veggie Gyoza

Veggie friendly version of the Gyoza with chives and ginger.

$2.75 Mighty Thor Buns

Steamed buns with pork belly, homemade pickles & hoisin sauce with a touch of Siracha.

$2.75 Tofu & Kimchi

Crisp, spicy kimchi with fresh tofu, dabbled with sesame oil, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

$2.75/$4.75 Chicken Spring Rolls

Lightly fried spring rolls filled with chicken, pumpkin, cheese, herbs and magic.

$2.00 Carrot Salad

Simple Carrot and cabbage salad with sesame vinaigrette. Vegetarian.

$2.75 Tofu steak & Bokchoy

Grilled tofu on a bed with sautéed bok choy with ponzu dressing and topped with fried garlic. Vegetarian.


$2.25 Pumpkin Sesame Balls

Lightly fried mochi filled with spiced pumpkin served over palm sugar caramel.

$3.5 Chocolate Sesame Bombs

Gently fried mochi filled with the best dark chocolate we could find, kissed by caramel and cooled off with a vanilla ice cream.